Should I Clean My Carpet Before or After Carpet Stretching?

Cleaning the carpet is necessary to maintain its condition. It is a very common thing. Your first wish will be that the cleaning of the carpets will cause them wrinkles after stretching. It is a very common myth. The best idea is to spread your carpet before cleaning. It will make the carpet cleaning process easy. Sometimes cleaning a carpet before stretching is essential and that may ease the next process. 

Cleaning after carpet stretching is essential as if wrinkles are left neglected for some long time then there can be small issues. The solution to this problem is to clean your carpet after stretching. It will make all the lines disappear from the carpet. The look of the carpet will be new and fresh.

Advantages of cleaning the carpet before stretching:

  • You can make sure that the cleaning won’t get rid of the newly stretched carpet.
  • The cleaned carpet is a little softer for the stretcher. It will be easy to work with.

Cleaning loose carpet:

The loose carpet is always difficult to clean. You have tried running a vacuum over the carpet in your home. There must be some big issues when you will try to attempt this cleaning job. The carpet or rug can even bunch up and will make it impossible to get a good run with the vacuum. If there are large ripples in your carpet, then the cleaner’s rod which is used to dispense and suction water will have the same problem. The cleaning will not be as good as you can expect.

After stretch:

We mostly leave the wrinkles on the carpet neglected for a reasonable amount of time. The owner did not bother about these at first. They will feel that the cost of getting them repaired will be high. The reasons can be different but when you have made up your mind to stretch those wrinkles out then even these visible lines can be left behind. This can be associated with bending a piece of paper in half, flattening it and letting it sit flat on the table. The paper had a crumpled mountain when it was folded. Cleaning the carpet after stretching can make these lines disappear.

How are cleaning and stretching interconnected?

There are various ways by which carpet cleaning and stretching are appropriate.  Here are some of the facts:

  • If there are waves or wrinkles on your carpet, then carpet cleaning will be very difficult to perform.
  • A simple process of vacuuming will heap up the carpet. Hence, you will not get the desired results.
  • Professional carpet cleaning services are a waste of money if your carpet is loose. No doubt, the experts will perform their job as best as they can. However, during cleaning, it will gather up. It will be a time-consuming process and you will not get wonderful results.
  • If there are wrinkles after carpet stretch, then do not get worried. A professional cleaning company will remove them with the help of steam cleaning. Whereas loose carpet can become a barrier to getting the best results.
  • If your carpet is loose or has bubbles and still, you are trying to clean it, then it would create more wrinkles. It would make it look quite terrible.

Why decide with us for Carpet Cleaning Before or After Carpet Stretching services?

We are a team that is dedicated to carpet cleaning and repair services. We have more than 20 years of experience as professional carpet cleaners. Make your decisions with experts and save your carpet from any unforeseen damage. You can also follow the above guidelines to decide about cleaning carpets before or after stretching.